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Nick Mitchell
Actor + Comedian

Meg is the reason I joined an improv team over 5 years ago!  Her positivity, drive, professionalism, and talent made everyone around her better.  Meg Worthy inspired all of us to do better as performers, teammates, and most importantly human beings. Meg inspires with her talent, loves with her heart, advises with her brain, and teaches by doing.  Meg Worthy is a force and gets it. She helped me be a better performer and human being (and still does to this day). 

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Elaina Whitesell 
Poet + Artist

When I met Meg, I found her standing along the trail, ushering me towards bright new beginnings.

In a moment of clarity I made a deal with the universe to debut a character I’d been working on if offered the chance. That night Meg was standing behind a bar and asked me to perform burlesque! For the first time! Meg is a vibrant and joyful force. She is a sparkling agent of change. Her energy moves like swift and crystalline waters coming to break down any dams built. I am blessed to know her


CJ Woods III 
The Weekly View

I met Meg Worthy when I moved into an apartment next door.

I knew very little about her except that my lessor told me that she was “also, a writer.”

I bought and read her book and learned that “brave is beauty.”

When she drove away with her dog to additional adventures, I was left with the memory of observing her using American Sign Language in an interaction with a deaf woman and buoyed by the inspiration she has been to my daughter and can be to many others.

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Shari A. 
Influencer + Coach

Meg is just the best.

Right away you can see her love, joy, and professionalism.

I felt very safe with her. Highly recommend her!

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Neal A. Morris
Founder & Director Upstream360

Meg exudes positivity and navigates life and whatever comes her way with gusto.

A true renaissance woman with the confidence and life experience to guide and aid anyone interested in finding a life Sherpa for personal or professional growth.


Angela Aguirre 
Founder  Women's Soul Circle

Meg is reliable and diligent.

I appreciate how multi competent she is with so many things, easy to work with, vibrant and positive personality. She has been  a pleasure to work with.

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