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What's the Vision for your Charity?

After creating my first Coffee Club for Mount Olive Church in Indianapolis in 2019,

I was on fire for charity roasting. Working one on one with Pastor Jeff, we built Wallah Coffee. Within one month, the Indian Charity was brought to life with his unique vision, my skills and the assistance of a local roaster. 


That experience inspired me to create my own brand Dioji, where 10% profits go to local shelters.


Now, I am here to help you build your dream of a charity coffee club.  This process is collaborative and can be up and running within a few weeks. 

In our initial meeting we will discuss:

1) Your vision 2) Your logo + Brand 3) Your Budget

Please include those three things in your contact message below. If you would like a one on one session to build your Vision, Logo and Budget, my one hour branding Consultations can be found here.

Contact me to set up your consultation

I Look forward to working with you!
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