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"If I can do it" a documentary short by Meg Worthy


Some days it's just hard to get out of bed. 

But for Lynn, every day is a challenge. 

As we follow her through a typical day in Western Colorado, we see what most people don't; what Lynn can do. 

Not bound by her wheelchair, she shows us that

                           "the person comes first, NOT the disability".

Through sharing the intimate details of her life Lynn invites us all to reach beyond our own limitations, whether physical, mental or imagined. 

"For Your Protection"

a short film thesis by Caylee Sacks

Behind The Scenes 

by Meg Worthy

The Art of Wwoofing

Directed by Meg Worthy
Filmed by Meg Worthy
Story and Choreography by Meg Worthy
Edited by Michael Sarnoski

Music by Magenta Moon Party

Acting Reel


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