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TAROT: Come ask the universe your burning question.
As an energy healer, certified yoga instructor and heart touch volunteer, Meg has been practicing intuitive work for over three decades.
"We are all healers, we simply need to practice getting out of the way and allowing the universe to work it's magic through us" She uses art therapy, massage and storytelling daily to help herself as well as others heal and return to their own inner guides for counsel. 

MASSAGE: Chair massage using Swedish and chair methods learned at the National Holistic Institute in Emeryville, CA. 

Heart Touch: Intuitive, Compassionate touch certified by the Heart Touch Project in Santa Monica, CA.


Dream Building: Get crystal clear on your dream, goals or burning passion that seem out of reach. In this mini session we will create a plan of action and the next best step with a "by when" date. Though you will be encouraged to find a "partner in believing" to help assist in your success, remote follow ups with Meg can be booked online.

Tarot+Massage+Dream Building

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