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Welcome Dreamers! 


The first class is an orientation to the program and meet and greet. Each class will be recorded and available for your review. If you are unable to make any of the weeks, it's okay-you can email me your question and I will answer it at the end of class!
You will be mailed your binder within one week of registering. Please make sure you send me your mailing addresss.

In this 12 week group Intensive we will dive deep into your goals. Each week we will begin with a mind + body exercise including but not limited to yoga, breathing, grounding, Qi Gong and guided meditation. 

After settling into the grounded group mind, we will generate state with a group share. After which we will learn the Dream Builder curriculum including steps you take each week to make your dreams your every day life. Each week requires your daily participation, authenticity and preparation for the next weeks content. We will have time at the end of each Zoom call for questions. 

Your weekly and daily homework will include audios, journaling and taking specific action steps to move you towards your goal. You will be mailed a physical binder, please include your mailing address in your registration.

As a Dream Builder, I have seen my life as well as countless clients lives transformed by this system. With only 90 days together in this program, you can use these tools and strategies for a lifetime. 

The most important investment you can make, is in your Self. Thank you for taking the first step, I can't wait to serve as your partner in Believing!

Group Coaching

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