Lisa “Luck” Mindus

Realtor at Corcoran Global Living & Professional Voiceover Artist 

With Meg, I know I have an advocate to share both my wins and humbling lessons learned. Her kind heart, discipline and refreshing spontaneity makes her the kind of coach that inspires self-reflection and appreciation for all of life’s experiences.

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Kiyan H. 
Artist, Surfer, Dog Dad

Meg is an amazing person. She is full of love and has a great energy.  Some people get it and some people don't. She definitely gets it.


Gabriela Milla

Comedy Writer, Actress, Producer, Host of thankyou_exx Podcast

Meg's workshops are a joy because she is a joy.

As soon as I met her I saw that she had a light she was always willing to share.

I’ve met very few people as full of light as she is, it’s insane to see how much creativity flows out of her.

But most of all I appreciate how she supports everything I do, she’s my biggest fan. And she’ll be yours if you’re open to receiving. She really elevates my energy and joie de vivre, I’m just so thankful to her