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"Risk Adventure!"

Traveling artist, consultant and coffee roaster are few titles Meg has been given. She is a speaker, film-maker and entrepreneur who aims to share her experience working with some of the worlds elite businessmen and women. Some of her specialties include Health, Hospitality and Dreamwork.

Through daring action, organization and her "Do It Now!" approach, she will help you to move beyond your limitations.


Whether it be creating better flow through Feng Shui, assisting in employee struggles or sparking the passion project that keeps you awake at night, Meg is experienced and excited to see your dreams come true.


With over 25 years experience in hospitality, Meg has worked with clients in 13 states and 4 countries. From the entertainment industry to real estate, food and beverage to construction, Meg knows what it takes to create loyalty through passion, attention and finding what she calls the

"magical connection". Her intuitive approach to improving business and relationships is designed to empower you to make changes immediately. 


In her free time, Meg enjoys making documentaries and hiking in nature with her retired service dog "Milton". 

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